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El Valle de Anton

According to geologists, El Valle de Anton is a village that inhabits the caldera of a volcano. The only village in the world to inhabit a caldera. It is bordered to the north at heights of 1000 meters above sea level by Cerro Pajita, Gaital, and Cara Coral. To the south the territories of Cerro Cara Iguana and Cerro Guacamay reach heights of 800 meters above sea level. Continuing to the west and you will find la India Dormida (Sleeping Indian) at relatively the same altitude slightly elevated, and then finally to the east Cerro Tagua also at 800 meters above sea level.

Due to having an elevation of around 600 meters above sea levels, El Valle has a slightly cooler climate than the costal cities of Panama. Local attractions include hiking La India Dormida, swimming in natural thermal pools, a waterfall named El Macho, Pozos Termales, and a zoo called El Nispero which has various speicies of poisonous as well as endangered animals.

The are surrounding the city is known for being one of the natural habitats of the Panamanian Golden Tree Frog. An endemic species in danger of extinction. For this reason, some of the forests around El Valle are protected areas.

El Valle is also well known for La India Dormida (The Sleeping Indian). Located to the west, in the mountains you can identify the shape of a sleeping indian woman, face up with her mouth to the sky. It is only a short hike to the top, and one that will take you through forests filled with monkeys, waterfalls, natural springs, golden tree frogs, mango trees, papaya trees, and all of the great things this climate has to offer. According to many writers, La India Dormida is known as a solitary place for meditation.


    APROVACA stands for "The Orchid Growers Association of El Valle and Cabuya".

    Founded in 2001, We are a small non profit organization dedicated to conserving native orchid species.