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  • To develop occupations in order to support the conservation of the flora and fauna.

  • To protect the native species of the region and to reintroduce them back into their natural habitat.

  • To promote eco-tourism and environmental education.


We offer tours to the representative areas in El Valle de Anton with well experienced guides.

  • El Cerro Gaital.
  • The Sleeping Indian
  • The Square Trees
  • Hot Springs
  • Las Mozas Waterfall
  • El Valle Museum.
  • The Nispero Zoo
  • The Serpentarium


You can relax and enjoy with our free Wifi. We also have information and souvenirs available at our reception.

  • Shared rooms available for as low as $13 per night.

  • Conference room available for group events. Equipped with multimedia equipment and room to seat 50 people.


APROVACA is a Spanish acronym for The Association of Orchid Producers in El Valle and Cabuya.

Founded on the 15th of May, 2001 it is a non-government organization dedicated to the conservation of native Panamanian orchid species in danger of extinction.

APROVACA is supported by the local society of El Valle de Anton and gets instruction from many national and international organizations.

Hostal Orchidea

Our cozy hostal is located inside of our orchid conservatory. For only $13 per person, you may relax, and indulge in the fresh air of the mango trees, banana trees, and orchids we have in and around our conservatory.