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How to Get Here

  • To get to El Valle de Anton by car, you must leave the city of Panama, either by the bridge of the Americas or the Centennial Bridge, followed by the Interamerican Highway until you are about 10-15 minutes past Coronado. Many signs will indicate "The Valley"(El Valle). Turn right where the arrows indicate. Follow the road around the mountain, and keep going. You will know when you reach El Valle because you will see a sign that says REY on your left side. REY is a big supermarket here, open 24/7. Once you see the REY keep going just about 100 yards more until you see a waist high level white sign on your right side which points to the Orquidario(Hostal Orquidea/Aprovaca). Turn left down this road, and continue to the end until you reach the big double gate. This is Hostal Orquidea (Aprovaca).

  • To go by bus, head to the bus terminal in Albrook Mall and find the ticket sales window for El Valle de Anton. Make sure you get tickets from the window that says El Valle de Anton and not just El Valle. They are two different places. Buses depart every half hour. The trip will only take about 2 hours depending on traffic, and most likely it will fly by. Almost the whole trip is made in the last 28km of the highway up the mountain and down into the crater. Get off at the big supermarket. You will see a sign on the left side of the road that says REY. It is a big supermarket here in El Valle open 24/7, and it is also conveniently close to Hostal Orchidea. When you get off, continue walking in the direction the bus is going. In about 100 yards you will see a waist high level white sign on the right side of the road that says Orquidario. It will point down the road you should turn on. It will be a left turn for you since you are coming from the direction of the REY. Proceed down the road to the end. Hostal Orquidea will be the last location with the big double gate. You will see signs.

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